Entrepreneurs & Start-ups

We at NNA Inc., make sure to cover your legal basis by setting up your founder’s agreement, NDA’s for use with third parties and ensure the right business formation as well as protecting your ideas with an intellectual property or license agreement. We ensure that your legal matter is being taken care of, so that you can focus on your business success.


Small & Medium Businesses

We at NNA Inc. help you with your commercial legal matter any time. From the most common business challenges with shareholders agreements to protect your intellectual property as well as more complex challenges such as business restructuring, share employee schemes or mergers and acquisitions, we ensure that your business succeeds.


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Within bigger corporations, the complexity of corporate legal matters increases due to the legal and business environment. With our extensive experience in commercial law we ensure to facilitate you with your legal matter. May it be a complex business restructuring an immediate required shareholder agreement or a more complex mergers and acquisition transaction –  at NNA we provide you out full scope of commercial legal services. 

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